NASO Has Merged with QuickStix!

NASO Has Merged With QuickStix!

In the fall of 2014, Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation moved our home from Rolling Knolls Elementary to Annapolis High School. I was thrilled to be at the high school for many reasons, most of all, since we are one of the feeder leagues to the high school it allowed our players to watch the high school level of play and aspire to that level. For many years Annapolis High has been the home of Quickstix lacrosse, the original grassroots and highly successful year round lax only league. Their coaches are second to none within the region. Since NASO provides opportunities to play both sports, it seems logical to merge with Quickstix and provide year round access to both.

What does year round mean? For example, during the local fall field hockey season, we rule! In the winter both sports will have small teams that play either or both indoor lacrosse or field hockey leagues. In the spring, during lacrosse season, hockey will have small teams that also play on off days to not interfere with the recreational lacrosse season. This would allow players that only like one sport, to keep the stick in their hands and work on improving their skills and players that want to do both participate without scheduling conflicts.

Registration for spring Lacrosse is open until February 28 at Quickstix


Use NASO as the TEAM name so we can try and place players together.

As for Field Hockey, Quickstix will be the first in the area to carry year round recreational field hockey. We will be offering it to players this spring starting in March within the AACPC spring program. Players from 1st grade on up to 12th, and including players post high school, entering into college, i.e. community college or U19 would be able to participate.

Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation will be holding spring online registration for Field Hockey just like summer league.


Use QUICKSTIX as COACH name and I will do the rest.

We usually play a 7v7, 50 minute game, late Sunday afternoon and evenings starting in April thru May, then switch to summer which runs June thru July on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs. If you want more of a challenge we will be carrying teams that can compete in local, non USFH tournaments that are within the Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia area.

If you currently play with a Club field hockey team or another recreational league, please consider staying with them to keep the continuity of your team. If neither will be carrying a spring or summer team, we’d love to have you. Our coaches will be current local coaches as well as college players. Practice days, times, and locations will be up to the coaches and their teams. All players will have the opportunity to join in on any tournaments, but these will be skill-based teams and would be an additional cost.

After 12 years of running North Annapolis Sports Org I am a little sad, but I am whole-heartedly excited about our future within Quickstix. Together, we can offer girls of any ability the opportunity to enjoy the sorority of girls’ sports.

Our new home www.Quickstix.com is now available for registration.

Ability is what you are capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, and Attitude determines how well you do it!

See you on the field,

Tiffany O’Donnell

NASO, President
USNA Club FH Head Coach
USFH Level 11 Coach
FH Futures Coach
MSHSFHCA, President

Spring Lacrosse Registration

Register at Quickstix.com

Use Team Name: NASO

Spring Field Hockey Registration

Register at AA Parks & Recs

Use Coach Name: QUICKSTIX